A Slice of Quinoa Banana Bread + A New Start

Today was a beautiful day and a good start to a healthier me. Remember, I’m working from the inside out to achieve a healthier body. I began by researching some methods to eliminate germs/bacteria from my insides, and decided to start the day with oil pulling. Although I only got about 5 minutes through swishing a tablespoon of sesame oil in my mouth, I’d say it was effective. Afterwards my teeth felt so clean!


Oil pulling is known to collect the toxins from around your mouth as you swish, therefore eliminating bacteria, cleaning your mouth, strengthening your gums, and whitening your teeth in the process. I don’t know if any of this is scientifically proven, however I do know my cold got significantly better today, so I’ll be continuing the process over the next week. The recommended amount of time to “swish” is 15-20 minutes, but I couldn’t do it for more than 5. Little by little, I’ll work my way up to 20 but it’s good to at least start somewhere!

The rest of the day was followed by the usual routine: lemon water to begin, followed by a day’s work, then running errands around the city with my boyfriend. For lunch, we found ourselves at the mall, where we ate sushi and chinese food. I know you’re not supposed to like cream cheese in sushi but urghhh i love it! Coming home, we stopped at a health food store where I purchased quinoa and rice flour for the banana bread.


I made some substitutions from the recipe (milk instead of cream, brown sugar instead of sugar), and then I used half whole-wheat flour and half rice flour, so I was a bit nervous at how it would turn out. But mmmmmmmmmm boy it was deeelicious!  I highly recommend the recipe to anyone looking for a healthy(er) but still delicious option for breakfast or merienda (that’s snack time for us in Latin America!). Check out Felicia’s recipe at Dish by Dish to make your own Quinoa Banana Bread!



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